2-3 Night Charter Itinerary

The following is a sample itinerary for 2-3 night charters out of Moreton Bay, Australia. Our 7 and 8 day itineraries are at the end.

Leave Cabbage Tree Creek at 9:00 AM with an early departure. Put up the sails and head past St Helena Island on your way to Peel Island.

St Helena Island
St Helena Island

If you have never been to St Helena before, it is a great stop if you want to see the Penal Colony, the Wallabies wandering around, or the various historical displays from this heritage listed island. St Helena is approximately a two hour sail from Cabbage Tree Creek, our home base.

Wallaby on St Helena Island!
Wallaby on St Helena Island!

Watch the large ships entering and exiting the Brisbane river on your way by.

A further hour and a half sail from there will take you to Peel Island and Horseshoe Bay. Follow our link here for what you can do on Peel Island while there. Overnight at Peel Island or head over to Deanbilla Bay on North Stradbroke (Straddie as the locals call it) and check out the large sand mining factory. There is a public jetty here. Or, secure a slip at the Little Ship Club at Dunwich and go ashore for a nice dinner.

Horseshoe Bay on Peel Island

Maybe you want to avoid civilization entirely and make your way up to Myora Point on Stradbroke, where one can see Dolphins more often then not.

After breakfast in the morning if you are lucky and heading up to Amity Point on North Stradbroke, watch for Dolphins and Dugons along the Warragamba Banks on the left side.

Warragamba Banks are also beautiful with the oyster leases and ruins of oyster leases.

Take a stroll along the long white beautiful sand point at Amity on North Stradbroke. You will also find an life surf beach here and a caravan park.

Amity Point, Beach on North Stradbroke
Amity Point, Beach on North Stradbroke

Maybe have a quick dip and then make your way around the Boolong Banks. If it is low tide, getting out for a walk will be rewarded with many sea birds and great exploring in the tidal pools.

Continue your way up Moreton Island and anchor at the Sandhills either Big or Little. You have to take a wide berth around the banks coming up this way.

Once you are anchored at the Sandhills you will wish that you could spend a week there! Toboggan down the hills, play in the warm crystal clear water or at high tide, take a snorkel or a tender ride around the mangroves where you will literally see hundreds of Sting Rays, Turtles and Shovel Head Sharks (don’t worry, they are a member of the ray family!)

Perfect spot for some solitude and romance at the sandhills on Moreton Island
Perfect spot for some solitude and romance at the sandhills on Moreton Island

If you can tear yourself away from here, perhaps you are going to head up to the wrecks of Tangalooma for a snorkel to see the fish? If you are only out for two nights, it will be quick one as it is a three hour sail to get back to base to drop off your catamaran in the afternoon. With three nights aboard, you will have much more time to fit in the above and enjoy some relaxation and fishing as well!


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