Coochiemudlo Island

Coochiemudlo Island is a small island in the southern part of Moreton Bay, near Brisbane. Approximately 3.5 to 4 hours sail from our home base at Cabbage Tree Creek. 

Main beach on Coochiemudlo Island
Main beach on Coochiemudlo Island

• Northern side of Coochiemudlo Island. No beach access, however good protected area for SE through SW breezes.
• Norfolk Beach on the east side you can walk to but not an anchorage
• Main Beach on the South Side. Good spot with Lot of sand and private moorings however, lots of room to anchor as well in good holding.
• There is a patrolled beach by Surf Saving at Main Beach.
• On shore you can find a convenience store, with light snacks and ice cream, playground, toilets and showers.
• On the beach there are shore toys for rent (ie, large water bikes, kayaks etc).

Beach bikes and other Water toys for rent

• There is good shelling and beach combing.
• Many parrots and cicadas singing to you.
• Good protection from most directions, except for SE and SW.
• Mainland ferry goes back and forth to Victoria Point if you are heading over to the mainland in tender or catamaran, watch the shoal off the southwest corner of Coochiemudlo it is fairly extensive.

Sandy beach on coochiemudlo Island
Sandy beach on coochiemudlo Island

A natural cliff composed of iron-rich rock is exposed on the south western side of the island. Sandy beaches wrap around the island’s southern, eastern and northern sides. Mangroves cover the western foreshore of the island.

There are many types of wildlife on the island, with its birdlife including sea eagles, brahmani kites, magpies, rosellas, butcher birds, pheasants and a colony of stone curlews which are counted each year.

dolphins Morton Bay

The waters around Coochiemudlo abound in dugongs, turtles and dolphins.
There is a walk through the Melalueca Wetland Reserve with its variety of native plants and trees.

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