Moreton Bay Fishing

Fishing on Power yacht Nautilus
Fishing on our Power Yacht Nautilus. Moreton Bay fishing

How about following along for a typical fishing trip from Brisbane?

Nautilus, our power catamaran, is great for fishing trips. Our group of guys arrived at the Marina at 530 AM and Nautilus was soon on its way out the creek with everyone enjoying the beautiful sunrise.

First up was off the Brisbane river at a little wreck then onto the “coffee pots” off the Brisbane River.

Moreton Bay Fishing

One little shark was caught here and quite a bit of small stuff…too small to be keepers though!
Snappers, Brim, Grinners, Whiting, Moses perch all were reeled in for a short time.

This day was SO FLAT and calm out that the boat didn’t even need to drop an anchor to stay on the fishing spot. Got to love those days when the boat just sits there.

Moreton Bay Fishing

I hear tales of bacon and eggs being cooked for breakfast…

Then it was onto HARRY ATKINSON REEF, which is South West of St Helena where we found dozens of other fishing boats had the same idea as well 🙂

Harry Atkinson Reef has been develeoped over many years as an artificial reef with a couple shipwrecks, piles, tubes, piles of rocks…Perfect for fisherpeople.

After fishing half a dozen spots there we went to find the little channel off Mud Island drifting around trying our hand at Whiting where we had more success!

Fishing off the Nautilus
Fishing off the Nautilus. Moreton Bay fishing

Back to the coffee pots off Brisbane and that made a full day out of it and it was time to go back to Cabbage Tree Creek.

Lots of fishing was done and catching but just not quite keepers. The boys will be happy to try again as 99% of the fish are in 1% of the water and it is a matter of finding which is the lucky spots on the day you are out.

Thanks to Jarvis who took my camera along to get some pictures of the day for me!

Nautilus is a 2002 Seawind Venturer Power Catamaran that can take up to 8 guests, we can rent it out for day fishing charters, sightseeing, overnight and longer.

Moreton Bay Fishing

Another great yacht we have is Moreton Magic our Seawind 1260 catamaran. Maybe it is not the “fishing charter on Moreton Bay” vessel that our power catamaran is, but on Magic one can sit in the upholstered very large and comfortable couch in the cockpit and basically lounge out while holding a fishing pole. Right next to you we have a sink and fish cleaning station! Maybe a spot for your wine or beer too.

If you turn the other way from your comfortable seat you can put your freshly cleaned fish on the BBQ…If this sounds like your idea of fun, we can also rent you gear, poles and supply the bait and ice too!

Want to look at the Map yourself to find out where the artifical reefs are that you can fish on? Here is a link to a map of them in Moreton Bay!