Moreton Bay Wildlife National Parks

The sheltered waters of Moreton Bay off of Brisbane with its 3,400 km2 of national parks hold (one of the worlds largest) populations of dugong (manatee)

They can often be seen in the clear shallow waters at the southern end of Moreton island, munching away on the large fields of sea grass.

There are also huge numbers of turtles and large pods of dolphins that call this sub tropical wonderland their home.

The best part about Moreton Bay wildlife is Whales!!

Visit the ruins of one of brisbanes oldest penal colonies on St Helena island where wallabies roam freely.

Sail  on the newest catamarans that are designed to be easy to sail or to simply drive them like a car.

Perhaps take a power catamarans that doesn’t even have a mast that allows you to explore further up the Brisbane river,  to visit Southbank, the lights of the city and visit the Koala Reserve

Brisbane Kayak Rentals at Cabbage Tree Creek at Sandgate

Cruise south along the broadwater to the Gold Coast where the waters are so protected that
everywhere is a perfect anchorage.

Eat at the Gold Coast many world class restaurants or shop the high end International fare shops.

Anchor in front of Sea World and give the kids a treat, Dream world and Movie world are only a short bus ride away.

Marvel at the many multi million dollar mansions that line the waters edge while secretly knowing that they are looking at you with envy.

Swim off the many sandy beaches or snorkel with the thousands of fish that inhabit the beautiful Tangalooma wrecks.

The wrecks of Tangalooma on Moreton Island The wrecks of Tangalooma on Moreton Island

Fish for your breakfast right off the back deck, the waters hold a large variety of species with bream and flathead being my favorites.


Sea Turtles

Six of the seven species of sea turtles in the world are found in Moreton bay. The green and loggerhead turtle are the most common and are permanent residents.


Eight species of dolphin have also been recorded in the Marine Park including two resident species; the bottlenose and the Indo-Pacific hump-back dolphin.

Swim With the Dolphins- Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat Swim With the Dolphins- Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat


Moreton Bay’s dugongs are commonly found in large herds of about 100 animals. The Moreton Bay area is also the most southern limit they are found.


Morton Bay Marine Park is home to over a thousand species of fish.



The most common whale sighting in Moreton Bay is the beloved humpback whale

Bird Life

Approximately 3,500 resident shorebirds representing 10 different species breed in and around Moreton Bay.

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