Weekly Yacht Charter Itinerary 

The following is a sample 7 day charter itinerary of the various options for sailing or cruising Moreton Bay! 

SeaWind 1160 Sailing Catamaran- Moreton Maiden
SeaWind 1160 Sailing Catamaran- Moreton Maiden

DAY 1: Leave Cabbage Tree Creek and our fleet base going out past Boondall wetlands and the Sandgate mouth. Once you are out in the Bay, Raise the sails and sail away toward Helena Island. First night might be spent anchored off St Helena Island. Perhaps take a walk ashore to see the wallabies roaming free or a quick dip at the beach followed by a walk around the island and immerse yourself in the history of this small heritage island.

St Helena Island, Australia
St Helena Island

DAY 2: Get up and sail north to Tangalooma on Moreton Island. Snorkel the wrecks and have some beach time. Maybe if it is calm enough, anchor overnight near the wrecks or head on down to the Sandhills on Moreton Island. Enjoy some snorkeling to see turtles and sting rays or toboggan down the sandhills.


DAY 3: Sail down to Peel Island. Anchor in beautiful Horseshoe Bay. Check out the sandy beach, snorkel the wreck of the Platyplus and either relax in the bay or start the trek down south. Depending upon the weather either overnight in Horseshoe Bay or perhaps Deanbilla on North Stradbroke Island. Another anchorage if the westerlies are blowing might be Muddy Bay on Coochiemudlo. If however you decided to make tracks south then there are dozens of great spots to choose from. The options are many.

Horseshoe Bay on Peel Island

DAY 4: Continue south. Take in the scenery as the waterways narrow and turn into large rivers. Pass the many marinas and settle down somewhere in the Broadwater. If you are looking to spend a day ashore on the Gold Coast then perhaps you will go all the way to Southport. The whole area is very protected and holding is fantastic. Pass some of the many waterfront mansions and know that the owners are looking out thinking “I wish it were me out there” Settle in for the night, either tucked away alone somewhere or at one of the many anchorages that allow easy shore access to go ashore for a nice meal at one of the many fine restaurants.

Sunrise at Southport

DAY 5: Today is the perfect day for a shore day. Perhaps visit Sea World or Dream World. Do some shopping at the hundreds of high-end stores that the Gold Coast has to offer. Stay in the same anchorage tonight and take in the night atmosphere ashore.

DAY 6: Well tragically your time is running out. It is time to start heading back north. Make a big day of it, Make miles until lunch time and then pull into one of the many protected beaches and bays. Have a bite to eat and a bit of a swim. Then pick back up and continue your trek north. Perhaps anchor overnight off Raby Bay. Dingy into the marina and eat at the marina restaurant.

Myora Point on North Stradbroke
Myora Point on North Stradbroke

DAY 7: Early start today. Make the last few miles to Shorncliffe/Sandgate. Call the base at Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat and they will bring you back up Cabbage Tree Creek and dock you at the base. While your crew pack for travel home the nominated skipper and co-skipper debriefs with the marina staff on your trip and you book your NEXT holiday!

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