New Boats For MBHA In Deagon!


2 x Fishing boats/half cabs plus BBQ pontoon boat!

You can go out on Cabbage Tree Creek and out almost to the pier on Moreton Bay, as well as hanging at the mouth of Sandgate!

Take the family on a BBQ afternoon and fishing or drop an anchor and swim near the pier at the mouth of the bay

LIttle boats
Our 2 new fishing boats with bbq pontoon! Yes, they are getting rebranded.

Our rates for the 2 fishing boats are $250 full day and $150 half day

BBQ Pontoon boat is $350 full day and $250 half day

Plus applicable GST on all boats

Come on down to Moreton Bareboats Marina on Cabbage Tree Creek at 149 Station Rd, Deagon and take one out!

Water Activities For Moreton Bay!