Redcliffe Peninsula Cruising Guide

Redcliffe Peninsula is about 14 kilometers North of our fleet base at the Sandgate Waterfront.

Redcliffe features a lively night scene, with frequent live music on its shore combined with a holiday atmosphere, stores and restaurants for you to visit if you choose.

There are a couple marinas available in the town, but no docking at the commercial jetty.

The Bee Gees way

“The Moreton Bay Region is home to Bee Gees Way, a walkway that honours the world famous pop group.

Located off Redcliffe Parade, Bee Gees way is a multi-media celebration of the Gibb brothers’ phenomenal career and their links to Redcliffe.

Free and open every day and night, Bee Gees way has been developed in conjunction with Barry Gibb and features:

A life-size statue of the brothers as young boys in Redcliffe, complete with bare feet as requested by Barry Gibb
More than 60 captioned photographs and 13 album covers from across the band’s career
Personal stories and reflections by Barry Gibb
A 70-metre mural featuring artwork of Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy Gibb.
A new statue of the Bee Gees from the ‘One Night Only’ era
Seating featuring lyrics of Bee Gees songs
A copy of the contract they signed with Bill Goode and Bill Gates in 1959
A 5.3 square metre video screen showing exclusive interviews with Barry Gibb and never before seen home movie footage, along with Bee Gees songs
Light shows set to music (every night at 7pm, 7.30pm, 8pm, 8.30pm, 9pm, 9.30pm)”

We enjoyed our visit along the walk, and found myself singing along with all the Bee Gee Songs that brought back memories.

For more information on the Bee Gees Way, follow our link here.