Sanctuary Cove Boat Show Special!

We’ve put on an exciting special aboard our new Seawind 1160 to celebrate the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show!

20% OFF Introductory Rates! 

4 nights/ $93 per person = $3735

7 nights/ $80 per person = $5600

The yacht show specials are good for charters booked BEFORE May 30th and taken in the next year excluding New Years, Xmas, Easter

Moreton Maiden is launched with 4 cabins, and a convertible salon, Moreton Maiden Seawind 1160 Lite Catamaran can take up to 10 guests overnight

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Boat show special, sanctuary cove yacht show

Moreton Maiden Year Round Introductory Rates

SeaWind 1160 Sailing Catamaran- Moreton Maiden
SeaWind 1160 Sailing Catamaran- Moreton Maiden

More Detailed Info on Moreton Maiden!