St Helena Island Cruising Guide

St Helena Island is a great stop on your charter in Moreton Bay. I recently spent an afternoon wandering over the island with my camera in hand.

St Helena Penal Colony
St Helena Penal Colony

This island is only 21 kilometers east of the Central Business District of Brisbane and 4 kilometers from the commercial docks at the mouth of the Brisbane River.

History, Wallabies, Ruins, History, Shore Birds, blue water and lots of room to anchor!

Anchored at St Helena Island
Anchored at St Helena Island

St Helena Island National Park operated as a Penal Colony, the first one in the state from 1867 to 1932. Before it was called “St Helena Island” the aboriginals called it NOOGOON.  This island has a permanent spring in the middle of it.

Remains include Bakery, Work Shops, Boat House, Cemeteries, Warder Accommodation, Sugar Mill, Jetty, Lime Kiln and Queensland FIRST tramway too.

The vegetation on land is a mix of original vine forest, remnants of landscaped gardens, and former crops such as olive groves. Other crops grown on island over the time include sugar cane, tobacco, prickly pear, custard apples and Davidson Plums

Midden and Shell scatters show that aboriginal people have seasonally been on St Helena Island for thousands of years gathering flying fox, dugongs and shellfish.

Migratory seabirds find St Helena waterways a haven.

Short walking tracks on the southern side of the island are easily available to visit without a tour guide or you can tour the proper prison ruins on a tour.

The island is easy to get on, easy to walk around with mostly flat walking, and has picnic and bathroom facilities too.

Throughout time St Helena Island has alternatively been called “the Garden of Eden” or the “hell Hole of the South Pacific”

If you would like to read more about the island and history, take a look at these links.


St Helena  History

Link to a large size PDF map of St Helena  same map as below here

St Helena Island Map
St Helena Island Map

I heartily recommend spending a day here, we saw many Wallabies and enjoyed the pleasant walking conditions. Pack a picnic lunch and then when you get to warm from being on land head back to your yacht and enjoy a leisurely dip in the water to cool down.

From here continue on to North Stradbroke Island the next day or Moreton Island depending on which way you are heading.

St Helena  is located 17.7 km south east of the mouth of Sandgate where Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat is located on Cabbage Tree Creek Marina

Moreton Bay Cruising area Map
Moreton Bay Cruising area Map

Moreton Bay Downloadable charts from the Queensland Department of Transportation

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