Swim With Dolphins Moreton Island

Swim With Dolphins: Moreton Island and Bay where Bottlenose Dolphins play, Dugongs feed and Loggerhead turtles nest! Yes, this is a tropical paradise on your yacht charter.

Swim With the Dolphins- Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat
Swim With the Dolphins- Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat

Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins and Australian Humpback Dolphins can be found throughout the Moreton Bay area year round.  We have many secret spots that we can share with you to get up close and personal with them.

The Australian Humpback Dolphin is currently listed as “rare”

There is approximately 600 Dolphins throughout Moreton Bay, and there is about a dozen that hang around Moreton Island and the Tangalooma wrecks!

There are two types of population of Bottlenose Dolphins:

– ‘Non-trawler dolphins’: found in shallow water, close to shore over seagrass; &
– ‘Trawler dolphins’: found in deep water, farther from shore where trawlers operate

Makes sense to me!

The Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin is the most commonly seen, catching waves on surf beaches, feeding in the waters off rocky headlands, or even riding the bow waves of fast moving boats. We know that you will have your sailing craft fine tuned to be sailing speedily over the bay the the Dolphins will have bow wake from two hulls to play in!

Swim With Dolphins Moreton BayAntilles Sailing Yacht- Dolphin
Swim With Dolphins Moreton Bay

In 2005 a third type of Dolphin was classified, an Australian Snub Fin Dolphin which is VERY rare and should be reported to the government if one is seen. You can find more information here at Queensland Environmental

Please remember in Queensland it is law that you do not actually TOUCH the dolphins.

Visit the Moreton Bay Dolphin Research Project for more information on the local Moreton Bay Dolphins

We see Dolphins just about every time we head over across Moreton Bay from Cabbage Tree Creek Marina in Sandgate.

Our Captains have many years of experience spotting them and yelling “Dolphin Port side!” to excited guests.

When we have the luck to see Dolphins it is totally a wild and natural experience. There is no actual “swim with the dolphins in captivity” program here