Wrecks of Tangalooma

Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat

Wrecks of Tangalooma Moreton Island are one of the highlights and cornerstones of our yachting and boating business.

Days can be spent anchored here, enjoying the warm crystal clear water, paddling, banana boating, Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, Fishing,  parasailing or watching the Dugongs and Dolphins!

All from the safety of a protected anchorage that the wrecks provide.

There are plenty of recreational activities including sand tobogganing which Moreton is famous for, snorkeling & diving, bird watching, feeding dolphins, whale watching from land, fishing and parasailing.

Tangaloom Wrecks Moreton Holidays Afloat
Tangaloom Wrecks Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat

The beauty and accessibility of these wrecks gave us the idea for starting Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat so others could share the fabulous yachting and boating on Moreton Bay.

A total of 15 vessels have been deliberately sunk close to the shore, to form a breakwall for small boats, but also to create a fascinating wreck dive site and snorkeling area.

Scuttled by the Queensland Government between 1964 and 1983 the wrecks all have names.

Maryborough (built in 1885)

Wrecks Tangalooma Moreton Bay
Wrecks Tangalooma Moreton Bay

Wrecks of Tangalooma Moreton Island

The Reef was started in 1968 by the Underwater Research Group of Queensland. Originally it began with the Amsterdam Barge in August of 1968, it only took twelve months for the species of fish jump from two to thirty six.

Now the reef consists of  vessels and one tram, and a large diversity of fish, including giant Queensland Groupers, Cod, Kingfish, Red Emperor, Trevally, Sweetlip, Bream, Mackerel, Whiting, Parrotfish and Wrasse.

Wrecks of Tangalooma, Leatherjack fish
Wrecks of Tangalooma, Leatherjack fish

98% of Moreton Island is now National Park. Take a look at the Wikipedia page on Tangalooma to see what else you can explore such as Whaling Stations, remnants of World War 11 bunkers and the Tangalooma Marine Education and Conservation Centre.

Come along for the sail! Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat will take you there…