Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat specializes in all types of boating from our fleet base at Sandgate, Brisbane. Our service area is from the Sunshine to the Gold Coast and one way trips are possible if you desire!

Pelican on the sand bar at Sandgate Water front
Pelican on the sand bar at Sandgate Water front

Cabbage Tree Creek Marina Location

Our fleet is conveniently located at Cabbage Tree Creek Marina, located at Deagon / Sandgate, 15 Km from the Central Business District of Brisbane. You can easily fly into Brisbane International Airport and we can arrange airport transfers for you to the base, or take the train or an UBER.

Our marina is a ten minute walk from the town center and we offer easy boarding, car parking, along with tons of local knowledge.
We are a 5-10 minute walk to the train station, and a Woolworths Grocery store, along with bakeries, butchers and liquor stores.
Provisioning services can be provided.
We can also arrange one way rentals for chartering your yacht!

Moreton Bay is within the trade wind belt and enjoy predominantly southeast winds. Normally, the driest months are August to November and the wettest months are from January to March. Average day time temperatures range from 19 to 23C during the winter and from 23 to 30C during the summer.
Average overnight temperatures range from 10 to 15C during the winter and 15 to 21C during the summer.
Winter water temperatures are approx 72F during the winter and up to 80F during the summer.LOW Season:

No formal qualifications are required.  General boating skills along with knowledge of correct anchoring procedures is required. For those who do not meet the requirements to Captain your own boat, we can provide captain/guides for the first afternoon, the first couple days or for the entire holiday.

Please refer to the detailed descriptions and FAQ for our yachts. Contact us and we can help you choose the yacht which would be best for you, and we operate from a “HOLD” system where you can have first right of refusal while arranging your holiday and getting all your plans in place.

Our Security Lost item Bond is $6000 per vessel.
This is reduced if you take Damage Reduction Insurance to $1500

Rates are based on a booking of 7 nights. Short term charters are available with a surcharge depending on schedule and availability.
Mandatory Extras:
VAT/GST is 10%
Damage/ Lost Item deposit is $6000.00 due at base.
LPG and outboard fuel is $5.00 per night.
Handling fees are $35.00 per booking

We offer Peak, Mid and Low Season Rates. Please see our full rate sheet for details, however, keep in mind we are pretty good at customizing packages as well!
Early Bird Special : More then 6 months in advance receive a 5% discount
Skippers are available at a rate of $290 per night
Travel Insurance. We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance to cover your prepaid deposits and charter fees against cancellation due to circumstances beyond your control.

Boats are supplied with full fuel and water tanks. Water will last 7 days if used very sparingly. On completion of your charter the fuel tanks are refilled and you are charged for what you use only.

We can help you with your provisioning before departure online, and your food will be stowed on board waiting for you when you arrive or alternatively you can arrive the day prior and visit one of our well stocked supermarkets.
All our yachts have fully equipped galleys for you to prepare anything from light snacks to gourmet meals.

Kitchen Gear- Crockery and Cutlery
VHF Radio
Snorkeling Gear
Dinghy and Outboard
Auxiliary Engine
Bimini or cockpit awning
Boat Hooks, Fenders, Boarding Ladder and mooring lines
Charts, Cruising Guides and tide Tables
Cockpit Lights, Binoculars and Torch
Safety Gear and First Aid Kit
All our vessels are equipped for extended offshore cruising and charters.

Please view a more detailed list here

Provisioning available
Paddle board hire
Kayak hire
Fishing Gear hire
Sailing Guides
Airport transfers from Brisbane airport, Brisbane Hotels and the train station at Deagon/Sandgate are available
Add a Skipper at $290 per day
Sleepaboard available at an additional rate

Before you leave the base we will brief you not only on your boat and its facilities, but also give you a chart briefing. We keep in touch with you by daily Radio contact and will give you daily advice on weather, and where to anchor for the evening in one of our many secure anchorage locations around Moreton Bay.
Our briefing includes a comprehensive briefing on your vessel, the area, navigational and safety aspects of your holiday.

We look forward to welcoming you on board our meticulous prepared and prepped modern fleet of vessels to explore Moreton Bay.
Imagine yourself at anchor, watching a tropical sunset whilst watching the natural beauty around you.
Get up close and personal with our islands, fishing, snorkeling, diving, lazing on deserted beaches, exploring historic ruins on islands, keeping an eye out for turtles, whales and dugongs.

We are available 7 days a week to answer any questions that you may have. Our fleet is small, which means that we can offer great customer service.
Skipper yourself Bareboat Holidays, where you can hire a yacht with or without a skipper or crew.

  • Personal Safety on board
  • The most common personal safety/discomfort things to watch out for when sailing are:
  • Sun burn
  • Drinking enough. You will be sweating more than you are used to and you need to drink plenty of liquids to make up for it. In between the rum drinks anyways!
  • Staying dry. If you are wet – especially with salt water – and have any clothing rubbing you might chafe. Gold Bond may help those who get that problem. Make sure you wash after coming out of the ocean with fresh water, there is always a shower on the back deck.
  • Rope burns. If you don’t know what you are doing sailing this can happen. Gloves. And listening to the Captain when they tell you how to handle a line on a winch.
  • Smashing some body part. The boat weighs 10 tons. If it’s moving you are unlikely to stop it by putting your body part between it and an unmovable object.
  • Getting enough sleep. This will not be too bad of an issue on a boat if it has a generator and AC. Without it it’s hot/stuffy and hard to get to sleep. Make abundant uses of all fans and hatches to get a cross breeze! Even with the temperature under control the boat is moving around a bit which at first may cause you some less than ideal sleep.
  • Tender feet. Are you used to going barefoot at home? You will mostly go barefoot on the boat, perhaps you want to toughen up for feet for a couple weeks before you get there? Or, boat shoes.
  • Property Damage
  • Docking accidents and/or hard docking the boat. Usually involves fiberglass dings (or worse) or possible damage to a rub rail.
  • Grounding the boat
  • Wrapping a line in the prop. Multiple ways to do this but most common is running over the dingy line while backing up because you didn’t bring the dingy up short during mooring/anchoring/docking.
  • Sucking up a line or debris into the bow thruster  (that is if you have a bow thruster!)
  • Hitting rocks/coral with the dingy and/or dingy outboard prop
  • Swamping the dingy while attempting to beach it in the surf
  • Having an agenda instead of intentions. You should never have a set sail agenda ’cause that makes you less likely to take into account the weather/boat/crew conditions and you try to force something to happen that would not otherwise. If conditions are not favorable then a day at anchorage is a perfectly fine place to be.
  • What To Bring
  • Beach towels
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat or two ( in case you lose 1!)
  • Soft luggage for easy storing
  • Camera
  • Polarized sunglasses or 2 ( in case you lose 1!) Bring a lanyard which helps you keep your sunglasses.
  • Water Shoes come in handy for getting from the tender to shore and short walked. You will spend most of the time on board barefoot
    2 swim suits  a few t-shirts and some underwear.
  • If you are female you probably want a sun dress or two that can double for going out for dinner. IF you plan on going near civilization.
  • Males may want a short sleeved nice shirt again for going out to fancier places for dinner.
  • 2 pair of shorts plus the ones you are wearing when you get to the boat
  • 1 pair of clean gloves (if you are participating in the sailing)
  • 1 pair of sandals or flip-flops perhaps only the ones you wear on the plane. Need to be able to get wet. You will mostly be bare foot on the boat. Make sure your foot gear won’t leave black sole marks on a boat. If you have shoes that are not good for getting wet, then bring a pair of water shoes as well. It will come in handy getting to beaches.
  • A light rain jacket. If we get in some squalls you can cool off quickly if you get wet + wind. This also doubles as a light coat if you get chilly in the evenings.
  • Beach/Sailing Music ( phone) + a usb cable
  • Flashlight
  • Reading material (Kindles, books)
  • Mask & Snorkel. If you wear prescription lenses or have your own comfortable well fitting mask and snorkel, bring it.
  • Towel – Bring one of those “light skinny towels” Even though your yacht will have towels, they don’t dry as quickly.
  • Ear plugs. If you have problems sleeping, a disposable pair of these for boat noises may come in handy.
  • Refillable water bottle. Insulated preferred!
  • Chargers/batteries for electronics
  • Non-Deet bug spray (DEET stains the fabrics and cushions on the boat. Many people like skin so soft too)
  • Cel Phone/ International Roaming Package/ Local SIM card as you prefer. Quite a few of the restaurants and beach bars will have complimentary wifi.
  • Motion sickness? get a prescription for Transderm Scop or bring Bovine, ginger or the wrist bands. Generally this settles down if you are prone after the first 24 hours.
  • Money and credit card
  • The cockpit has good shade. But everywhere else you’re getting direct sun plus the reflection. It’s like being in a sun broiler.
  • Non sprayon sunscreen. Spray on sunscreen on the boat just makes it slippery for everyone as most ends up in the air or on the decks.
  • If you cancel before 60 days from the charter start date, a $300 administration fee applies, but the remainder of your deposit will be refunded.
  • If you cancel within 60 days of the charter start date, the fees are totally non-refundable.
  • We highly recommend you take out  recommended travel insurance policy to protect you if you need to cancel after the fees have become non-refundable.
  • 30% deposit is due on booking, the balance is due 60 days out. Extras, Lost/Damage Deposit is due at the base.

Moreton Magic: 2017 Seawind 1260 Private Full Day Captained Sail with Lunch and refreshments for up to 10 guests $1500.00

Moreton Maiden: 2017 Seawind 1160 LTE  Full Day Captained Sail with Lunch and refreshments for up to 10 guests $1400.00 Each additional person up to 28 in total plus $50/pp

Plus VAT/GST @ 10%

We sail from our fleet base at Sandgate/Deagon 15 kilometers from Brisbane Central Business District and possibilities include Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island, Redcliffe, St Helena Island, Peel Island and more.

We can pick up and return from other locations for  private day sails under arrangement.

Rent both yachts and receive a 5% discount!

Moreton Maiden: $140.00 per person per day including lunch and refreshments.

Day Sails available to Tangalooma, St Helena Island, Redcliffe, Brisbane River, Gold Coast and more.

We sail from our base at Sandgate/Deagon 15 kilometers from the Central Business District in Brisbane. Train Station is 15 minute walk from our fleet base.